Does God send people to hell?


the-big-questions-quoteDoes your existence end with physical death? Or, is there an existence after death?

Most people don’t believe it does. It seems innate to us as humans expect more to life than this life.

Most people also suspect that they will have to give an account for their earthly lives.

  • But is there really a heaven and a hell awaiting those who die?
  • What did Jesus teach about the afterlife?

In her award winning book, Just Give Me Jesus, Anne Graham Lotz observed that, “Jesus spoke more often about hell than he did about heaven. But no one talks much about hell today. No one likes to think about hell. No one seems to be informed about hell. Few really even believe in hell. But the Bible teaches that hell is a real place, prepared for those who refuse God’s gracious offer of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.”

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4 Responses to Does God send people to hell?

  1. Leo P Flood says:

    Since God is described as “A Loving God” do anyone truly believe that He will send you to hell for eternity? My understanding of the Bible, our operating manual, tells me He will not. Granted, there is a time that He will send many to hell, but this is not for eternity. “Rev 20:13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. ”

    If you would like to discuss this understanding, write to me at

    • God has done a lot to make salvation available and accessible to every tribe and people through faith in Jesus Christ.
      But if you reject it and die, no excuse or remedy or explanation takes away the wrath of God against you.
      The argument that God is loving and caring is too cheap.

  2. He is loving and caring but punishes severely when need be. After judgement what happens? Hell or heaven. Isn’t it?

  3. What did God do the ungodly Amorites ? Destroyed them.

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