5 Links worth seeing

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Our Marriage Is Stronger Because My Husband Isn’t My Best Friend
Rethinking the adage of “I married my best friend.”

In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions

Did all those Americans signing petitions understand that lions actually kill people? That all the talk about Cecil being “beloved” or a “local favorite” was media hype? Did Jimmy Kimmel choke up because Cecil was murdered or because he confused him with Simba from “The Lion King”?

Why Civility is a Democratic Virtue

Civility is an important virtue that is poorly understood by some…

A Death in Yellowstone
On the trail of a killer grizzly bear.

On Friday a hiker was found dead in Yellowstone National Park. CNN reports that based on a preliminary invesitgation, “an adult female grizzly and at least one cub were present” at the hiker’s death, and that, if found, bears involved in human fatalities are generally euthanized. In 2012, Jessica Grose wrote about death in Yellowstone.

8 Things You Won’t Find in Heaven

“…the Bible often describes heaven in terms of what will not be there. For example, the last two chapters of the Bible tell us eight things that will not be there…”

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