Red flags in relationships


I asked more than 50 singles in myRelationship 101 class what constitutes a red flag in a relationship. 

I also asked what would be a “deal breaker” to end a relationship. I was surprised by the silence. They didn’t know how to answer the questions.

As I thought about this, I realized that when it comes to relationships and marriage, many singles don’t have much of a plan. They haven’t thought through a criteria or a “must have” and “can’t stand” list. We tend to go with the flow or follow our gut instincts. 

I tried to jump-start the conversation by offering one thing that ought to be a deal breaker. If a guy uses any kind of hurtful physical force on a girl, it should be an immediate deal breaker for her. The class seemed to agree. But I didn’t get many others answers.  

In the resource…

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One Response to Red flags in relationships

  1. lindalreese55 says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I feel that it is most needed especially in today’s society as people have more choices in where they live, work, and play which makes for more choices in life of not knowing people that you may have grew up around and now people have so many backgrounds that if you don’t have a conversation about meaningful things that matters to you, then you may find yourself giving too much time to the young person for your future mate.

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