Expository Preaching


I do expository preaching every time I teach from Scripture because exposition is what is happening.

Sound confusing? Let me explain.

A long honored master of expository preaching defined it this way.

“Expository preaching is the Spirit-empowered explanation and proclamation of the text of God’s Word, with due regard to the historical, contextual, grammatical and doctrinal significance of the given passage, with the specific object of invoking a Christ-transforming response.”

Where this is happening (and there are fewer places than most realize), God’s people are blessed.

A true test of whether this is actually happening is to look at how well the Church follows the Scripture in its leadership structure and fellowship.

There’s no sense going through the motions of preaching if the Church doesn’t actually follow the Scripture on important matters like leadership and Church government. 

Some have been wrongly taught that the only way exposition can happen is…

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