10 Attributes of good preaching


In his book, The Supremacy of God in PreachingJohn Piper noted that God-centred expository preaching was the key to the New England revival under Jonathan Edwards (1734-1744). Piper sets forth ten characteristics of Edwards’ preaching which serve as an excellent paradigm for pastors today.

1. Preaching Stirs Up Holy Affections

Good preaching aims at stirring up holy affections. These include a hatred towards sin and a delight in God, as well as a growing desire for holiness, tenderness and compassion.

2. Preaching Enlightens The Mind

Sound preaching enlightens the mind and burns the heart. According to Edwards a preacher must shine and burn. There must be heat in the heart and light in the mind. Affections that do not arise from an enlightened mind are not holy affections but instead are simply emotional responses.

3. Preaching is Saturated With Scripture

Edwards held the firm conviction that good preaching…

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