Breaking the hold of Guilt

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Guilt-Trip-StickerIs some guilt necessary for a safe and healthy life? 

Guilt often has a way of  restraining and redirecting us. People who don’t experience guilt are dangerous to themselves and to others.

But not all guilt is good for us. Guilt can become a burden too heavy to carry. It can suck the joy out of life. Unresolved and unnecessary guilt can trap us in a prison of despair (see: Psalm 32:3-5).

I’ve seen people hurt themselves and others by failing to deal constructively with guilt in a grace-based, future-oriented way.

Take a few moments for a closer look at guilt.

I offer this as a starting point for deeper conversations about guilt.

Defining guilt

Guilt is a message of disapproval sent to our minds which says, “You should be ashamed of yourself!”

Sources of guilt

The primary sources of guilt include conscience, family, tradition, law and religion. It can…

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