Take delight in honoring each other


The verse of Scripture on my mind today is Romans 12:10: “Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring one another. 

If we wholeheartedly devoted ourselves to live by these words: “take delight in honoring each other,” our lives would shine like light into the darkness.
The trend today is the opposite: Seek honor for yourself. It is significantly counter-cultural to live by these words in Romans 12:10.
What would Family and Church be like if we made a clear effort not to seek to honor but to honor others above ourselves? (see: Philippians 2:2-11)

The translation above is from the New Living Bible. Other translations include: “give preference to one another” or “preferring one another.”

I found it curious that the words “take delight” were included. I believe this was included because the word it translates (προηγούμενοι) could be…

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