The logic on redefining marriage


What is marriage? (From a policy perspective)

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2 Responses to The logic on redefining marriage

  1. Black3Actual says:

    When a person demands something without being able to offer an affirmative defensive for their claim based on the rules of logic, they are conceding that they want it just because they want it. If we base society on giving people what they want simply because they want it, and those who can muster the most force can claim their demands over those of the weaker, what we are really doing is destroying society — not making it better. In short: this is about a minority who wants to use government to force the whole of society to accept lawlessness — period.

  2. I think this is very true – they want it just because they want it. Really, that is behind the whole sexual revolution from the 60’s on (or even earlier?). People want! I remember reading that the main contributors to HIV spreading around the word were homosexual men. It is worth noting that if God’s main instructions about sex were adhered to by all (no adultery, no sex before marriage, no homosexuality, no bestialy) then sexually transmitted diseases would die out within a few generations. Of course, we all know that this isn’t going to happen in current society. We also know that sexual feelings can be very strong – VERY strong! And we know the problem goes back a long way (Sodom & Gomorrah). Can people put their feelings under for the sake of society? Not very often.
    One thing that stands out to me is that homosexual people want “marriage equality”. Why do their relationships have to be called “marriage”? It is as if they are saying, we know we are not normal but we want to feel normal and this would help a great deal. I cannot judge because I have no tendencies in that direction at all. I know that many people have struggled with this their whole lives, and that is something I have not experienced. I really think the only solution is the return of our Lord. So, come again Lord Jesus. PLEASE!

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