Acceptance of homosexuality in Christianity – Ravi Zacharias


My thoughts:

We’ve all been sexual deviants — if only in our minds. We all need God’s grace and forgiveness. We’re continuously tempted toward deviant sexual behavior.

When it comes to homosexuality, although some people might be biologically inclined toward same-sex attraction and others had it forced on them against their wills, ultimately it becomes a behavior to choose or to resist — like all sexual conduct.

A man could love another man and care for him without it being a homosexual relationship. The relationship only becomes homosexual when one engages in sexual acts. It is best to think of homosexuality as behavior. “Homosexual” refers not to one’s nature or disposition but to one’s behavior. Yes, the Bible treats homosexuality as one more expression of “the desires of the sinful nature” (Galatians 5:16-21;Romans 1:24-26). But we should not define personhood based on desires.

I do not think it is best…

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One Response to Acceptance of homosexuality in Christianity – Ravi Zacharias

  1. lindalreese55 says:

    Interesting read. Yes, we all may be guilty of some sins whether we admit to it or not but
    God is a forgiving God when we honestly go to him in prayer and have a conversation with Him to get directions.
    God knew all about this sin before we were born but we at some point as adults have to make decisions in life that may or may not be comfortable.
    But as we continue to live and breathe this day, we must decide what journey we are going to take. God will help us if we only ask.

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