Two kinds of Knowledge about God


Look up at the heavens. Look at the skies. Be still and listen because their voice and their words go out to “all the earth,” to “the ends of the world.”

Their voice and their words are accessible to every language on earth as they testify to the glory of their Maker and proclaim the work of His hands!

“Every human being on the planet is known by God, considered and evaluated by God, called to account by God. To be human is to be addressable by one’s Creator—with no regard for ethnicity or covenant status. God can speak to an Abimelech or a Balaam or a Nebuchadnezzer as easily as an Abraham, a Moses or a Daniel. Human beings are confronted daily with the reality of God simply by inhabiting the planet.” “…all humans inhabit a glory-filled earth that reveals and declares something of its Creator and theirs. What…

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