Have we sabotaged ourselves?


Do you live in a world without windows?

What happens to us when we try to close the windows to anything beyond the visible, tangible universe? 

Is the physical, material universe all there is, was, or ever will be? Is reality limited to the world of the five senses?

There are many sophisticated titles for this way of seeing things: physicalism, philosophical naturalism, scientism, or secularism.

In this kind of a world, the ceiling is secured; the windows are shut and the blinds pulled.

Those who try to live with this viewpoint are confined to a world without transcendence, mystery, and especially, a world without God.

We’ve been told by the intellectual guardians of this view that it is the only way of thinking that has the backing of science.

So if you want to believe in God, the soul, immaterial beings, transcendent values, intrinsic meaning, mystery, or teleological vision.

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