What if you don’t feel love?


 A wife once told me that she planned to leave her husband because she “just didn’t love him anymore.”

 She saw herself as a victim of feelings she couldn’t change. And She actually thought she was being noble because she was willing to be honest about her feelings. She didn’t want to be a hypocrite. 

What’s happening here?

Some people tell me they want to be married because of love and others say they want out of marriage because they no longer love. This has led me to ask some questions about the nature of love.

What exactly is this thing we call love? Is it something we can fall in and fall out of? Is it chemistry? Infatuation? Is it an emotional response or a choice? I’ve concluded that we must distinguish two dimensions of love.

1. Being in love

This dimension is the emotional attraction of love. It’s what…

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One Response to What if you don’t feel love?

  1. lindalreese55 says:

    That was an interesting read and gave me food for thought!!!

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