Tempted to envy


Envy-Seven Deadly SinsHave you ever felt tempted to gloat over others?

When bad things happen to people (or when they suffer the consequences of the bad things they do), there’s usually no shortage of people willing to gloat over them.

  • Why would we find satisfaction in the misfortune of others?
  • Does it make us feel better about ourselves?
  • Does it redirect the light from our own sins?

In The Lost Cosmos, Walker Percy wants to know that,

“the self—though it professes to be loving, caring, to prefer peace to war, concord to discord, life to death; to wish other selves well, not ill—in fact secretly relishes wars and rumors of wars, news of plane crashes, assassinations, mass murders, obituaries, to say nothing of local acquaintances dropping dead in the streets, gossip about neighbors getting in fights or being detected in sexual scandals, embezzlements and other disgraces?”

Why are we drawn to gloat over…

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