Human behavior


Why do people continue in behavior that repeatedly brings misery on them?

  • Why does the addict return to his drugs or gambling?
  • Why does the abuser return to his violence?
  • Why do the abused remain in abusive relationships?
  • Why do the depressed remain in cycles of depression?

There are often deeply complex reasons for why people do what they do.

We are complex beings with physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of life. Any one of these dimensions can profoundly effect the others.

Those battling challenges like depression or unmanageable anger could have physical causes behind their behavior (particularly neurological). Those dealing with anxiety or impulsivity might also consider neurological causes.

When people are significantly deprived of healthy nurture during childhood, they often react with harmful behavior as adults.

“When one observes the rifts and scars of children whose parents took turns slapping, deriding, ignoring, bullying, or, sometimes worse, simply…

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  1. Thanks a lot for this nice piece. I am educated.

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