No belief is true for everyone

there-is-no-truth-there-is-only-perception-6 Do you see a problem with the following statements?

  • “Nothing is universally true.”
  • “All generalizations are false.”
  • “No belief is true for everyone.”
  • “Everything is relative.”
  • “Everyone’s beliefs are true or false only relative to himself.”

These statements are self-contradicting  because they commit the self-excepting fallacy. 

  • When someone says, “Everything is relative” does he expect others to believe his statement as a truth for everyone to accept? 
  • How do you respond to someone who says: “I don’t think it’s right for you to expect others to accept your beliefs”? 
  • Does the person making this statement expect others to accept his belief that others should not be expected to follow your beliefs? 

When someone says, “You shouldn’t judge others.”

  • Are they judging you when they say this?
  • Does judgment against judging get a pass?

Convert the following into absolutes

  • Who are you to judge? Judging is _____________! (wrong)
  • I think you’re being intolerant. Intolerance is ______________! (wrong)
  • It offends me when you think I should believe what you believe. Offending is _________! (wrong)
  • How long can a society remain civil if it refuses to allow any single defining source for truth and reality beyond what an individual desires?
  • What happens to law and order? 

Those who promote this idea tend to think that their goal is civility, but the end result could be the opposite. 

So what is the alternative? Dictatorship? Monarchy? Democracy? 

This might end up being one of the most significant social concerns of our times. 

Think about it,

Steve Cornell

see: Eight truths for all people

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3 Responses to No belief is true for everyone

  1. These are very salient points. It does seem that society today is more interested in being politically correct. At some point, the fabric of what makes a society will become thin.

  2. Audacious Angel says:

    People just don’t want to lose control. It’s all about controlling their thoughts…life…everything. Sometimes God brings us to a point where we have to be honest with ourselves and admit that we know nothing.

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