3 main themes in the teaching of Jesus



If Jesus took a class on how to teach and preach, he would have received high marks in use of illustrations and stories, but closure or conclusions would have been a bit of a problem.

He also tended to leave out details that people like to know (like whatever happened to the older brother in the story of the prodigal son?). Yet none of this was accidental or without purpose in his teaching. And perhaps he exposes our tendency to want everything to “wrap up” nicely as a well-packaged presentation.

The teaching of Jesus was consistently pointed and powerful. He was never hesitant to challenge deeply held assumptions, traditions or the establishment. He didn’t seem troubled if his hearers were staggering and reeling with shock or even confusion at his words. I think there were numbers of times that his disciples cringed at ways he exposed the hypocrisy of religious…

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