What is a debatable matter?


Teach this to your Church

A debatable or disputable matter (Romans 14:1) is an area of behavior, doctrine or tradition on which Christians disagree because a specific biblical absolute does not regulate it. It is therefore a matter of personal preference not divine command. These matters belong to the category of Christian freedom or liberty.

Guiding principle :

When a behavior, doctrine or tradition is not addressed in Scripture by a specific moral absolute commanding or forbidding an action, it belongs to a category of freedom. In areas of freedom, Christians are encouraged to establish their own convictions but are not permitted to judge or ridicule those who do not share their conviction (Romans 14:3).

Teach this to your Church (Did I already say that?)

Unnecessary division threatens their fellowship and witness believers do not handle debatable matters properly. The challenge regarding debatable matters is addressed most extensively inRomans 14-15. The instruction is offered in relation to two different groups found…

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