Losses in the battle for equality


 There is always danger of overreaction in reaction. 

I thought about this when I met with two young people asking for my advice about whether they should pursue marriage.

I asked each of them to share what it was about the other that they appreciate and value.

There were some very nice exchanges between them, but when the young man tried to express appreciation for his girlfriend’s domestic strengths, he stammered and struggled for fear of sounding chauvinistic or sexist. 

Although I appreciated his sensitivity, I encouraged him not to feel that this kind of commendation is inappropriate. We then noted how sad it is that the battle for equality between men and women left us feeling inarticulate about distinctions between men and women.

Please don’t misunderstand. I am not suggesting that domestic work is exclusively a woman’s role. It’s not. But I have little doubt that women are much better…

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