Will the Supreme Court show judicial restraint?

freedom-of-speechPray for the Supreme Court today as they face landmark decisions on the nature of marriage in the US. Pray that the court will exercise judicial restraint regarding the right of states to define marriage.

Most of the victories claimed in favor of gay marriage have happened by judicial coercion – not by democratic process.

If the Supreme Court chooses to make the sexual preference of 2-3 percent of Americans a matter of federal civil rights law, a legal pandoras box will open and significant unrest will follow.

Have you noticed that many of those promoting gay marriage are among the most intolerant people in our country? They operate with an approach that says, “See things my way, or else!”

Censorship of opposing viewpoints and the bullying tactics being used to force a radical homosexual agenda on our country will only ignite social unrest. And these disturbing methods for resolving our differences could even inspire less stable people to act out in violent ways.

We must not sit silently by and allow this kind of radical intolerance to threaten civility and freedom. The problem is that radical gay activists demand far more than marriage equality. Marriage is the issue radical gay activists are using to obtain special status as a protected minority under civil rights legislation.

We must remember that every American adult has equal rights to be in consensual sexual relationships whether hetero or homosexual. The issue the court must resolve is whether our country should redefine the nature of marriage for 2-3 percent of those who prefer same sex relations.

The primary comparison used to accomplish the goal has fooled many people. Radical gay activists want us to believe that the kind of sex they desire is equal with racial identity. Please don’t fall for this false comparison.

Let’s promote true tolerance

Ironically, much of the radical agenda has been promoted as a matter of  true tolerance. But the radical liberal side of politics insists on a form of tolerance that is actually quite intolerant.

Let’s educate people to understand what true tolerance is and how it promotes civility. We need to teach people that tolerance does not mean agreement because agreement removes the need for the virtue of tolerance. We are showing true tolerance when we treat with respect those with whom we disagree.

Showing tolerance becomes more virtuous when disagreements are deeper. When told that we’re not permitted to disagree, we face coercion, not tolerance. I think reasonable people who are not afraid of cultural bullies will oppose this kind of coercion.

Many people feel that the public square has become a place where you must believe what you’re told to believe — or else! Sadly, this is often accompanied by a smug and condescending attitude that mocks those who fail to tow the political approved lines.

Let’s expose and reject the coercion and then encourage the virtues that promote true tolerance — virtues like respect, honor and neighbor love. Forced versions of tolerance threaten these qualities.

Large amounts of mutual honor and respect will be necessary for a diverse people to live with civility. We need to engage in respectful conversations about the common good without allowing coercive forms of tolerance to foreclose on such conversations.

In a society that cherishes freedom, people generally want to know who gets to set the morals that everyone must accept. Who defines what “we the people” must acknowledge as lawful and good?

The distorted version of tolerance promoted over the last few decades has encouraged duplicity. People subscribe to one set of beliefs publicly and another privately. Is it surprising that this breeds resentment and sometimes violence? If you force a man against his will, he’s of the same persuasion still — and he’s likely to get mad.

I realize that civility necessitates law making and law enforcement. I also understand that we cannot expect everyone to agree on the laws. Yet, in a free society, we’ll face a cultural storm if laws are made that unilaterally overturn the collective will of the people. We’re only asking for trouble if a handful of justices define marriage for an entire nation.

Reasonable people will understand the need to restrain judicial activism and improve respectful and open dialogue. All of us must learn to navigate the tensions of life together and show more deference to others.

One of the greatest needs of this nation is promotion and modeling of the virtues of respect, honor and neighbor love. These are the qualities that support the true virtue of tolerance.

Steve Cornell

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