Restoring glory to the ordinary

Always a needed review for me!


Have you noticed how easily discontentment destroys joy and gratitude?

More emphasis is needed on the glory of the ordinary. I fear that the repeated emphasis on being radical for God can also give people the misguided feeling that the ordinary is either boring or some form of compromise. Enough of this! Stop saying,

  • “I am just a mom.”
  • “I am just a mechanic.”
  • “I am just a waitress.”
  • “I am just a ….”

There is no “just” with God? In fact, God is more likely found in the “just.”

Questions worth asking

  • Have we lost touch with the glory of faithfulness and diligence in ordinary routines and duties of life?
  • Have we radicalized what wholehearted love for God and neighbors looks like by separating it from faithfulness in ordinary duties?
  • Do we need renewed honor for the quiet glory of being faithful fathers, mothers, children, brothers, sisters, neighbors, and workers?

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