A Closer look at Marriage


Someone once asked why so many married people seemed so miserable. Perhaps it’s because so many miserable people are married. 

Maybe marriage itself is not the problem. 

But what is marriage?

What kind of relationship is it and why do we have such an institution? Why are there so many divorces? Why is it that 50% of those who remain together in marriage are “characterized by resignation or even misery rather than love and affection”? (Willard F. Harley, Jr.). 

Marriage ministries

There is never a time in my ministry when I am not directly or indirectly involved with five to ten marriages in crisis. With a 50 percent divorce rate for first time marriages and an increase of 10 percent for second, third and fourth marriages, the Church must expect to be involved in significant marriage related ministries. Like many other pastors, I invest time on four levels of marriage…

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