Eight point communication agreement

  1. We will express irritations in a loving, specific and positive way rather than holding things in or 1838b7fbeing negative.
  2. We will not exaggerate or attack the other person during the course of a disagreement.
  3. We will attempt to control the emotional intensity of communication. (No yelling or uncontrollable anger).
  4. We will try not to let the sun go down on our anger or run away from each other during a disagreement.
  5. We will try not to interrupt the other person when he/she is talking.
  6. We will carefully listen when the other person is talking, rather than thinking up a defense.
  7. We will not toss in past failures of the other person in the course of an argument.
  8. When something is important enough for one person to discuss, it is also important for the other person.

Steve Cornell

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Just another worker in God's field.
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3 Responses to Eight point communication agreement

  1. These points can easily stop a discussion from turning into an argument. I’m going to use this in my life.


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    Check out 8 basic agreements for good communication…


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