Dealing with the manipulative child

Another one for parents.


Dennis and Barb Rainey wrote a helpful piece about dealing with “your teen and sneaky deceit.”

The scene they described will sound painfully familiar to some parents. But it will only help parents who arehonest enough to admit that they are being taken by a slick kid.

The parent who always blames herself or is in denial about the deceitfulness of her child is not likely to benefit from wise counsel.

The parent who is unwilling to restrain the strong willed tendencies of a child who wants his own way will find reasons to avoid the counsel.

The Raineys invite us to consider the child who will take advantage of you in any way he can to get to do what he wants.“Just when you think you’ve told him what is expected of him, he comes back with statements like:

  • “I didn’t understand what you were saying. I thought you meant…”
  • “I forgot.”

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