Resurrection – more than life after death


  • How final is death?
  • Should we expect to live after our earthly lives?he-is-risen_3867_1024x768

If surveys are right, very few people believe death is the end of their existence.

But the last experience of this life for each person is death. It’s the most certain thing in life. “There is a time to be born and a time to die” (Ecclesiastes 3:2).

Some definitions for death use the word irreversible. One defines death as irreversible cessation of organismic functioning. This forecloses on the possibility of future bodily existence. Another defintion includes the irreversible loss of personhood. This is far worse.

Should we expect postmortem existence?

Not only do most people expect to experience some kind of life after death, they also fear the possibility of postmortem accountability. There might be a Creator one must answer to for this life.

But do we really expect dead people to rise from the…

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