5 vulnerabilities in leadership


1. Making a difference in the world

Good leaders want to make a difference in a world. But the temptation to fall for misguided ideas about success can become discouraging to faithful leaders. The test of discouragement and the temptation to pursue self-validation are real for leaders who want to make a difference. Leaders must resist the deceptive tendency to fish for affirmations from others to validate a feeling that we’re making a difference. Leaders should also be aware of the dangers of the comparison trap that could lead them to devalue the work they do (see: II Corinthians 10:12)

2. Feelings of inadequacy for the calling

Leaders in the Church easily battle feelings of inadequacy because of the challenges that come with leading people. The many expectations and demands that people place on leaders can cause feelings of inadequacy (see: Galatians 1:10).  Leadership comes with constant reminders…

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