To love and to cherish


I typically use the traditional vows in wedding ceremonies. Some couples, however, ask to write their own vows.  When they do this, I always ask to review their vows to make sure they align with the substance of the traditional ones.

The vows below are the ones I’ve used for most weddings I’ve performed. If you’re married, review them and recommit yourself to them. If you’re single, reflect on the depth of their meaning.

The line that stands out to me in light of many troubled marriages is the vow “to love and to cherish.” It might sound redundant but loving and cherishing could be two different expressions. Certainly, one cannot claim to cherish someone without love. But is it possible to love without cherishing? I am commanded to love others but I am not sure I am ready to say that I cherish everyone I love.

To cherish implies…

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