An eye for an eye?

Did Jesus change this law?


Can you remember or identify with these familiar sounds from small children. 

  • “That’s mine!” “Mom, he took my toy!”
  • “I was there first!” “Dad, she took the swing I was on!”
  • “It’s my turn!” “Mom, he won’t share.”
  • “You got the last prize out of the cereal – I get this one!”
  • “He hit me first!” “But it was an accident!” “I didn’t mean to!” “Yes you did!” 

We are born with a tendency to protect and defend what we believe to be our rights. And we’ll defend our perceived rights to the point of revenge if others violate them.

No one has to teach children to respond like this. It’s innate for all human beings; it’s part of our nature. And, instead of dissipating with adulthood, it tends to intensify. 

Some of the most spiteful, vindictive and vengeful people are adults – not children. The offense and…

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