Instruments of godly sorrow


When people we love are destroying their lives and hurting those around them, we must be willing to confront them.

If we let them continue, without saying a word, we show our lack of love for them and for those affected by them.

But confrontation (for most people) is a difficult task. Perhaps we know that it’s often a necessary part of caring for others but we prefer not to “stir matters up.” I’ve known of many situations where people chose not to confront to avoid bad feelings and possible angry reactions. Sadly many of these circumstances ultimately escalate in ways that might have been prevented with intervention. 

  • Are you willing to confront when you know that it’s needed but not welcomed?
  • Are you willing to be an instrument of godly sorrow?
  • Why are we willing to tolerate bad relationships instead of confronting others?
  • Do we care enough to confront?

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