A true Christian


“The Christian man has seen himself as utterly hopeless and condemned; he has seen himself as a man who is utterly guilty before God and who has no claim whatsoever on His love. He has seen himself as an enemy of God and an outsider.”

“And then he has seen and understood something about the free grace of God in Jesus Christ. He has seen God sending His only Son into the world, and not only that, sending Him even to the death of the cross for him, the rebel, the vile and guilty sinner.”

“The Christian knows that all this happened for him, and it has changed his whole attitude towards God and to his fellow-men. He has been forgiven when he did not deserve it. What right then has he, not to forgive his enemy?” (Lloyd-Jones, “Sermon on the Mount,” p. 318).

Romans 5:6, 8-11


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