They still want to know what it means


I was a bit surprised that a post I wrote in 2007 (one of my first for the blog) has become one of the top five visits. More than 25,000 people viewed it since being posted (half of them in the last two years).

I realize this might not be much compared with more influential blogs, but I remain curious. Let me explain.

A recent blogger suggested that postmodernism is dead but not gone. He wrote:

“No obituary appeared in The New York Times. Television newscasts offered no tribute. But make no mistake: postmodernism is dead. Even those who could foresee this end could do nothing to prevent its suicide. Demise was built into its very DNA” (Colin Hansen).

To be fair, Hansen qualified this introduction a bit (thus the title, “dead, but not gone”). Yet he’s not alone in the assertion that postmodernity has had…

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