Best Commentaries on the New Testament

Bible-study-tools_472_313_80Check out this helpful site on tools for the study of Scripture: Best Commentaries

Reviews and ratings of Biblical, theological, and practical Christian works

I’ve found that the best way for a pastor to maintain a high level of skill in biblical exegesis under the endless demands of ministry is in the tools that keep him in the languages and on the cutting edge of top level study. The commentaries listed in the link above will do this. I’m not familiar with all of them but I have most of them.

The serious-minded “lay” person (who does not know Greek) can also benefit from most of these works but it will require patience to plod through some deeper stuff. My encouragement is to take the time because the reward will be well worth it! If you work through good commentaries it will sharpen your ability to look for the right things when you study or even read Scripture.

Many years ago, I discovered D. A. Carson’s New Testament Commentary Survey in a different format. This is also very valuable for commentary selection.

I’m so grateful to God for His servants work quietly and patiently behind the scenes to produce great tools for the Church!

Steve Cornell

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One Response to Best Commentaries on the New Testament

  1. johntjeffery says:

    I would also recommend the following:

    Tim Challies, “Best Commentaries on Each Book of the Bible” on at [accessed 29 JAN 2015].

    John Glynn, Commentary & Reference Survey: A Comprehensive Guide to Biblical and Theological Resources, 10th ed. (Grand Rapids: Kregel, 1994, 2003, 2007).

    Tremper Longman III, Old Testament Commentary Survey, 4th ed. (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 1991, 1995, 2003, 2007).

    The Master’s Seminary Faculty, “850 Books for Biblical Expositors” (The Master’s Seminary, 2006) at [accessed 27 JAN 2015]. This article is linked to a free downloadable PDF file, “850 Books for Biblical Expositors,” containing the list of books at [accessed 27 JAN 2015].

    Keith Mathison’s “Top 5” commentaries for each book of the Bible, posted 2 APR 2014 by Nathan W. Bingham on Ligonier Ministries at [accessed 29 JAN 2015].

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