The most amazing person


Jesus Christ remains the most amazing person who ever lived on this planet.

Wait! Hear me out on this.

Although born in obscurity over 2,000 years ago, the world can’t escape the legacy and global influence of Jesus. No individual comes close to the impact He has made on humanity.

How unexpected is it that this seemingly obscure person— from an even more obscure period of history — continues to make the front page of many non-religious magazines every Easter and Christmas?

“Jesus of Nazareth remains the most important individual who has ever lived. Nobody else has had comparable influence over so many nations for so long. Nobody else has so affected art and literature, music and drama. Nobody else can remotely match his record in the liberation, the healing and the education of mankind. Nobody else has such a multitude not only of followers but of worshippers.” 

“Our claim, then, is not just that…

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