Can you love without getting hurt?


In their hit  single, a Scottish rock band from the 70’s found a large audience with the song, “Love hurts.” 

“Love hurts, love scars, Love wounds, and marks, Any heart, not tough, Or strong, enough To take a lot of pain, Take a lot of pain…ooh ooh love hurts.”

Is it true? Have you ever been hurt by love? I’ve met people so badly hurt by love that they’re unwilling to risk loving again. They desire love and being loved but fear the risk of loving. They live with a wall around them to protect them from being hurt by love.

They live with a kind of catch 22

Loneliness is tough, but love is risky. Life without love feels empty at times, but it’s less complicated. Being single is challenging, but choosing to love means vulnerability and the loss of love hurts.

Ask a widow or widower if loss of…

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