Watch out for the person who….


Working as a team requires unity and mutual respect. It also requires leadership. My role has transitioned to one of providing leadership for the pastoral staff of our Church as they provide leadership for the congregation.

I’ve written in the past about the kinds of people who are dangerous to leadership teams. Insecure people are particularly difficult because they approach others as if competing with them. They also chaff under authority because they want to be at the top or in control. But every team of leaders needs to have a leader for it to be effective.

Sometimes insecure people will choose subtle ways to compete for leadership or to oppose any authority over them. 

Watch out for the person who…

  1. regularly jokes about the perceived weaknesses of those over him.
  2. speaks of superiors in ways that subtly put them down.
  3. emphasizes his strengths in comparative ways with those over…

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