Four marks of an Antagonist


In his insightful book, Antagonists in the Church, Kenneth C. Haugk wrote that there are people simply bent on antagonistic behavior. He calls them “antagonists” and insists that these people must be identified and dealt with for the sake of church unity.

His book offers, among other things, a personality profile and a manual for dealing with the person who “stirs up dissension among brothers.”

“Antagonists,” he wrote, “try to build themselves up by tearing others down. They express their inner struggles with a negative self-concept by attacking people, enjoying the failures and misfortunes of others while they project their own sense of worthlessness onto them.”

Four Descriptions of Antagonists: 

Personality profile of dangerous people:

  1. Narcissism: “Narcissism is a personality pattern in which a person displays an excessive sense of self-importance and preoccupation with eliciting the admiration and attention of others … a narcissistic individual greedily fishes for and hungrily devours…

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