What I am reading during recovery

Yesterday I went under the knife for hernia surgery. All went well. Thank you to those who prayed for me. My anesthesiologist was Chinese. He was a bit surprised when I spoke to him out of my limited Chinese vocabulary.

When I came out of Anesthesia, I said, “Ok, we can get things going now. No need to wait anymore.” The nurse said, “Mr. Cornell, you’re all done.” “What do you mean?” I asked. “The surgery was a success.” she answered.  When I told my wife what I said, she said “Always taking charge.” 🙂

Here are the two books I hope to read during recovery.


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4 Responses to What I am reading during recovery

  1. Nicholas Yang says:

    Praise The Lord, Pastor Steve! During this time of healing and reflection, The Lord bless you with insight and vision.

  2. Mukama says:

    Oh be blessed a man of God. I must confess you have been a big help to me in understanding the word of God. wish you a quick recovery so that you may continue giving us more lessons

  3. Anonymous says:

    when I had my kidney transplant, I had a similar experience. Waking and thinking that we were about to begin. Was a shock to me as well, that every thing was over with. We must of had the good anesthesia. Glad every thing went well praying for you guys.

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