Stand against bullying tactics

Although I cannot endorse homosexual lifestyles, I don’t feel any hate or fear toward those who choose to practice homosexuality. Why should my disagreement permit others to label me a bigot or hate-monger? I would strongly oppose slurs or hate speech toward gays. Shouldn’t they oppose the same toward me?

Why can’t I exercise my freedom as a citizen and a pastor to hold and teach a different viewpoint on homosexuality?

As you probably heard, according to the lesbian mayor of Houston Texas, I should not be permitted to disagree with homosexuality. She led the way in issuing subpoenas demanding that a group of pastors turn over all sermons mentioning homosexuality, gender identity or the mayor. Although she later tried to deny her involvement, the evidence exposed her hypocrisy. If she had her way, any minister who failed to comply would have risked contempt of court.

Did you ever think it could come to this?

Many reasonable citizens of Houston rejected these bullying tactics aimed at silencing opposing viewpoints. But their voices were silenced at first. The Houston controversy is focused on a new non-discrimination ordinance that was opposed by thousands of voters. According to the Houston Chronicle, opponents of the ordinance generated more than 50,000 signatures to put a referendum on the ballot. But, under the leadership of Mayor Parker and the city attorney, the petition was ignored due to supposed irregularities – a move considered to be blatant disrespect for the voters.

On a 11-6 vote, the council approved the ordinance which among other things allows men to use the ladies bathroom and vice versa.

Censorship of opposing viewpoints and bullying tactics used to push a radical homosexual agenda will only ignite social unrest. This disturbing approach to resolving our differences could even inspire less stable people to act out in ways that cause physical harm to others.

We must not allow politicians like the Mayor of Houston to assault freedom of speech. The “Agree with us, or else!” tactic is uncivilized. There are many reasonable gays who don’t want to be identified with such a radical agenda. You can be certain that we will not tolerate bully politicians like Mayor Parker in America.

Let’s pursue a more reasonable and respectful path.

This is not about matters like race and gender. This is about sexual preferences and lifestyle choices not unalterable conditions of birth. Some choose to pursue homosexual relationships and others leave the lifestyle. They are free to make those choices in America. But they should not demand special rights and laws to protect the kind of sex they desire.

Obviously, in a civilized and free country, laws and ordinances will not support each person’s morality. How could we maintain civility (based on laws and punishments) if we all demanded to do what was right in our own eyes?

When it comes to matters related to personal morality and lifestyle choices, Americans must firmly oppose political bullying tactics and judicial activism aimed at silencing the majority of citizens. Just as we must not tolerate any act of abuse toward gays, we also must reject manipulative labels like bigot, racist or homophobe used to marginalize anyone who disagrees with a gay lifestyle.

Radical homosexuals are free to push their agenda in the United States of America. But when they act like bullies by trying to silence opposition, brave Americans need to say, “Enough is enough!”

We must send a strong message that says we will not remain passive if gays are bullied for their lifestyle nor if they bully others with their sexual preferences.

Steve Cornell

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