What difference does God make?


If there is no personal Creator, our existence is most certainly a cosmic accident.  We exist by chance, not by design or purpose. And, if this is an accurate accounting for our existence, several facts follow:

  1. Notions of ultimate meaning are based on wishful thinking and irrational fantasy.
  2. There is no ultimate morality; no right or wrong; no transcendent morality. On this version of reality, morals are simply matters of personal or societal opinion. The so-called problem of evil cannot be addressed and cannot (on rational grounds) really be called a problem.
  3. Death is both the irreversible cessation of organismic functioning  and  the irreversible loss of personhood. There is no hope of anything outside of this life.

Apart from the existence of a Creator, we exist by chance in a deterministic universe governed by raw natural selection. If, on the other hand, there is a Creator, a personal God who made us male and female in His own…

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