Refresher on the First Amendment

The First Amendment was primarily about protecting religion from government control (to keep government out of religion). The amendment prohibits congress from imposing a national religion. It doesn’t require a kind of separation of Church and Sate (a phrase not found in our constitution) aimed at removing God from all of public life and discourse.

The myth that the First Amendment separates church and state has grown to such ridiculous proportions that it must be debunked. Notably absent from the Amendment is the words ‘separation,’ ‘church,’ and ‘state.’

Those who demand removal of God and religious reference from public life actually violate the part of the amendment protecting freedom of speech. The founders aim was to protect freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

Those who want to force God and religious influence out of public conversation and policymaking, shouldn’t pretend that it’s about the First Amendment. It’s not. And they should be honest enough to admit that they’re voicing their own moral and religious opinion when they reject those of others.

It’s relatively easy to find moral and religious sources or motives behind most policy and law. Any time we declare one action to be right and another wrong, or any time we demand a certain value as a human right, we’re using a moral code to influence public opinion, policy and law.

When we feel uncomfortable with a particular moral code, we should not make our case against it based on its’ source in a particular religion by claiming that it violates the First Amendment.

Steve Cornell

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Just another worker in God's field.
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