Our Chinese sons

Tomorrow evening, we welcome a new Chinese son (14 years old) to our home as we continue the journey of being host parents. This is our third year as host parents.

Our Chinese neighbor of many years encouraged us to open our home to Chinese students. Since my wife was (in many ways) a surrogate mom to his daughter for most of her younger years, he felt others could benefit from our home.

After raising four of our own children, we weren’t sure about starting again with the extra challenges of culture and language. Looking back, we are now very glad we agreed to be a host family. We feel a kind of kinship with those who foster parent and adopt children.

Please pray for the young man who arrives tomorrow as he adjusts to a new country, culture and family. Pray also for us to make a lasting impact on all our Chinese sons. 

We’ve been very careful not to make the boys feel any social obligation to accept our faith in Christ. But we take time to respond when they ask questions about faith. After many meal time conversations answering questions about God and Christianity, we had a very special joy when our Chinese son who just graduated from High School asked to be baptized as a new Christian. Prior to coming to America, he knew nothing about the Bible or Jesus. In fact, in his baptismal testimony, he said he didn’t even know what a Bible was prior to coming to America.

Reflect on his words of testimony at his baptism. 

Baptism testimony

“After three years of learning about Christ, I did a lot of thinking on the meaning of life and who my Creator is. I feel and believe that there is something bigger, stronger and more powerful than mankind. Something or someone is above us and watching all of us. I could not bring myself to believe that there is no creator and I can’t believe we are here by accident and without a greater purpose. Through a long process of thinking and conversations with people like my host daddy, Mr. Cornell, on topics how the amazing design in the world should lead to a designer and how death is not the end of our existence, I came to believe that God the Father sent his only son to live among us and to die on the cross to bear the judgment our sins deserve so we could be forgiven and made right with God. Just like II Corinthians 5:21 told us, ‘God made Christ who never sinned to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ.’ So I finally decided to put my faith in Christ as my Creator and Savior.” 

Pray for this young man as he learns to walk with Christ and bears witness to family and friends. We see great potential in him as a future leader. 

Steve Cornell

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