Who Created God?

Time for a little review.


Many skeptics think they found the gotcha question when they ask, “Who created God?” Atheist Daniel Dennett argued this way  with typical condescending sarcasm:

“If God created and designed all these wonderful things, who created God? Supergod? And who created Supergod? Or did God create himself? Was it hard work? Did it take time? Don’t ask!”

I am not surprised by this question because the need for a designer behind design is the most verifiable basis for believing in a Creator. The scientific fact of intelligent design invites the question of God into the discussion. But, to be fair, it also raises other issues. If, for example, design implies a designer and, if God himself has features of design, what or who designed God?

Before addressing this question, it’s worth noting that many scientists and scholars have the integrity to acknowledge the necessity of a designer.

Professor Owen Gingerich

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