7 Links worth seeing

1. What Will Your New Spouse Be Like? by Gary Thomas 

The Question: What will my significant other be like as a spouse?

2. The Reason One Famous Restaurant Started Getting Bad Reviews Reveals Unsettling Reality Of Our Time

We are so engrossed in ourselves and in our technology that we lose sight of the importance of the relationships we have and the importance of experiencing things rather than recording them.

3.  The Marriage Waltz by Amanda 

When two people perform the Waltz together it can be magnificent.  A true art.  But it can also be a clumsy disaster.  For the Waltz to be executed flawlessly there must be a “Lead” and a “Follow”.  If both partners choose to lead or both to follow, they will stumble and clash awkwardly throughout the number.  But…if both partners know their roles the results can be breathtaking.

Marriage is….

4. What Hobby Lobby Means by Robert P. George

How we got here and where we’re headed

5. How “Frozen” took over the world by Maria Konnikova

Since it’s release, “Frozen” has earned 1.2 billion worldwide….

6Are We Headed For A Crash? Reflections On The Current State of Evangelical Worship by Jamie Brown

I picked up on a common theme. It’s been growing over the last few decades. And to be honest, it’s a troubling theme. And if this current generation of worship leaders doesn’t change this theme, then corporate worship in evangelicalism really is headed for a major crash.

7. God, the Gospel, and the Gay Challenge — A Response to Matthew Vines by Al Mohler

Evangelical Christians in the United States now face an inevitable moment of decision. While Christians in other movements and in other nations face similar questions, the question of homosexuality now presents evangelicals in the United States with a decision that cannot be avoided. Within a very short time, we will know where everyone stands on this question. There will be no place to hide, and there will be no way to remain silent. To be silent will answer the question.


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