A closer look at discouragement


We all know what it feels like to battle discouragement. Life is not a cake-walk. You can be sure that you’re not alone when you’re feeling down. 

But what is discouragement and what are some ways to conquer it?

Defining discouragement

Discouragement is a frame of mind and an emotional state characterized by loss of courage, hope, or confidence. Discouragement is a “DIS” on courage, just as dis-heartened is a “DIS” on heart, a loss of heart. We say, “His heart isn’t in it anymore.” He has become disheartened or discouraged. 

Obviously there are degrees of discouragement ranging from mild to extreme. But because life is difficult,  (did you get the memo about that? — Life is difficult!), we all experience discouragement. And this means that we all need to be encouraged and to be encouragers!

A community of encouragement

God calls upon every member of the…

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