Do inner promptings reveal God’s will?

Good reminder for all of us!


I feel God is leading me...

Have you ever heard someone assign inner impressions to the Holy Spirit? “I feel led by the Spirit…,” your friend tells you. “I feel the Spirit is leading me to…..”

How do you respond when someone attributes something to the Holy Spirit — especially when it seems contrary to God’s will? 

  • Is it even right for believers to look to inner promptings for God’s leading?
  • Does God give inner impressions to prompt us toward His will?
  • How does conscience relate?
  • How can we tell if impressions are from God or another source?

Consider some seasoned counsel:

Gary Friesen

“Impressions could be produced by any number of sources: God, Satan, an angel, a demon, human emotions (such as fear or ecstasy), hormonal imbalance, insomnia, medication, or an upset stomach. Sinful impressions (temptations) may be exposed for what they are by the Spirit-sensitized conscience and the…

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