Three steps to know God’s Will


Christians look to the teaching of the Bible to discover God’s will (see: II Timothy 3:16-17).

Yet we know that Scripture doesn’t address every issue in life. So how can we discern God’s will on matters not specifically addressed in the Bible?

The important thing to understand is that we are always responsible before God to make wise decisions. We are to see ourselves as stewards entrusted with resources from God for making good and godly decisions. 

On matters not specifically addressed in Scripture, God does not require us to discover His decisions. Instead, God provided adequate resources to assist us in decision-making. Scripture offers many truths that are applicable to a wide variety of issues in this life. Often these truths are concerned with character development more than detailed guidance. For examples, see How can I walk in God’s will? (12 requirements).

The point we must be clear on is that it is always our responsibility…

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