10 Methods of Bible Study

  1. Analytical: detailed examination of a passage in which the text is divided into its smallest parts.
    1. Book – chapters – paragraphs – sentences – clauses – phrases – words – grammatical points
    2. Diagram the passage to understand grammatical structure, flow and connections.
  2. Inductive: a detailed examination of a larger portion of Scripture in which the notation of key words, persons, places, and things takes precedence over grammatical points.
  3. Historical: a detailed study of the historical situation surrounding a book of the Bible including cultural and geographical information.
  4. Critical: a detailed study of academic questions surrounding the text and circumstances that produced the text.
    1. Higher criticism: a study of authorship, recipients, unity, date, and geographic reference in Bible books.
    2. Lower criticism: a study of textual variants and text types in the history of the transmission of the Bible.
  5. Topical: tracing a particular topic throughout Scripture and making relevant observations and conclusions.
    1. Note repeated words or emphases.
    2. Follow the progress of revelation on the theme.
  6. Theological: tracing the development of a particular doctrine throughout a section of Scripture and making relevant observations and conclusions.
  7. Biographic: a detailed study of the personalities in the Bible noting their individual traits, motivations, thoughts, circumstances, and actions. Ask: who, what, where, when, why, how?
  8. Rhetorical: a detailed study of the communication methods used by Biblical authors.
  9. Comparative: Cross reference Scripture with Scripture based on some common word or topic.
  10. Devotional: a study aimed primarily to gain spiritual encouragement for one’s soul.

Work/Study Sheet

Verse or Verses Questions, Comments, Outlines, Illustrations, Examples, Word Studies, Applications  Cross references


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