Does God control the weather?

I needed to review these truths.


Loss suffered from powerful tornados is frighteningly unimaginable. It’s staggering and heartbreaking to observe the war-torn appearance of landscape after just a few moments of natural disaster. 

Many prayers are lifted to heaven before, during and after these storms. I pray for those recently affected by the devastation and for those on the front lines of rescue and restoration.

Sooner or later, someone will ask how God relates to things we call natural disaster? And how should God’s protection be understood?

Is God in control when tornadoes cause mass destruction? Is the Creator in charge of the good and bad weather? Do we ask God for nice weather for our special events as if he is handing our good days and bad days? Or, is this just “Mother Nature” randomly unleashing her powers? Who causes the sun to shine or sends the winds and rain?

Jesus spoke matter-of-factly when…

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