Learning from the Master teacher

I am starting a new series of messages at our Church this Sunday. My focus will be on Jesus as the Master teacher. Please pray for me and look for upcoming blog posts on the topic. 

As the Master teacher, Jesus repeatedly moved from what is seen and known to what is unseen and eternal. He transformed everyday earthly objects into lessons about God, heaven and eternity.

The people of his time had grown blind to the connections between earth and heaven. Jesus connected what they could see in creation and life with truths about eternal life to come. Through many object lessons, he turned his listeners ears into eyes to help them see the truths he taught.

  • Jesus spoke of salt, light, wind, bread, vine and branches, flowers, trees, seed, birth, gates, coins, treasure, pearls, nets, cups, dishes, tombs…
  • To teach important truths, Jesus used, fox, birds, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs, serpents, fish, gnats and camels, a hen and her chicks, ….
  • He referred to physicians, shepherds, land owners, builders, friends, bridegrooms, virgins, sons, farmers, tenants, teachers, wine merchants, the rich and the poor, an unjust judge and a widow, blind guides,…

The people of Jesus’ time “didn’t think of God’s word when they sowed seed, or the new birth when they felt the wind, or faith when they gathered the tiny mustard seed; but Jesus did. …In his teaching the Lord Jesus united the truth around them in creation with the truth before them in the Scriptures” (Teaching and Preaching with imagination, Warren Wiersbe, p. 161).

More to come…

Steve Cornell


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