6 Affirmations for the Church

“America appears to be moving more and more toward uniformity by enforced unity.” So wrote R. C. Sproul nearly 30 years ago. When he penned these words, the term tolerance was not yet in popular use.

RC detected trends that would result in a state led coercion forcing public conformity to politically approved positions on a growing list of issues.

As the academy increasingly rejected any possibility of truths that transcend historical and cultural limitations, distrust especially grew toward religious truths. This was more so the case when faith statements contained elements of exclusivity.

The six affirmations RC wrote in response to these trends are even more relevant today. 

  1. We agree with the search for global harmony, but not at the expense of truth.
  2. We agree that a greater knowledge of other religions is enriching, but in comparing them we cannot surrender Christ’s claim to be the truth.
  3. We agree that colonial attitudes of superiority are arrogant, but still insist that truth is superior to falsehood.
  4. We agree that Scripture is culture-conditioned, but affirm that through it God has spoken his Word of truth.
  5. We agree that the ultimate mystery of God is beyond human apprehension, but affirm that God has truly revealed himself in Christ.
  6. We agree that it is an essential part of our Christian calling to serve the poor, but we are also called to bear witness to the truth.

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