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I never planned to write for public newspapers but it’s been one of my extension ministries for nearly 20 years now. The two primary newspapers I write for are the Sunday News of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and The Morning Call of the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania.

I try to make these columns available through this blog and I ask for your prayers as I communicate through these venues. When you read my columns, please keep in mind that they are written for a very large and diverse readership.

I receive a good bit of feedback from a readership that extends to hundreds of thousands of people. Comments vary from deep appreciation to outright anger and hostility. I continue to be blessed by numerous hand written letters from older readers who offer heartfelt encouragement for me to keep speaking the truth. It is somewhat exceptional for public newspapers to allow pieces written with a Christian worldview.

An editorial staff always looks closely at the amount of response and sharing a columnist receives as they consider placement of articles. This means that you can help sustain these opportunities by using feedback or sharing tools associated with articles. Thank you.

Set the proper tone for effective communication (The Morning Call, March, 8, 2014)

It’s not always what you say but sometimes how you say it. Tone of voice matters in good communication – it can make or break a conversation. If you have to work with or for someone who is always using negative words and tones, you know how much these matter in communication.

Trust lacking in today’s society (Sunday News of Lancaster, March 9, 2014)

How important is trust to a good relationship? How necessary is trust to a healthy society? In my role as a pastor, I know what happens to relationships when trust is deeply violated. … There is little doubt that people today are far less trusting of each other than previous generations. …. The virtue of trust has all but disappeared in society.

Steve Cornell

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